2009 World Championships in Cancun, Mexico September 26-27, 2009
Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 8:28PM
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The Asociación Shotokan México Japón, A.C. along with the WSKA Karate-Do World Championship Organizing Committee presents by the first time this event in our country.

The WSKA World Championship is realized every two years getting reunited Shotokan Karate-Do’s elite from all over the world. As we all know this beautiful martial art is the most practiced world wide.

This great event represents for us a huge commitment with all the WSKA affiliated members, with our Governmental Authorities as well as with every single Shotokan Karate-Do student and practitioner in México.


It is a great pleasure for us to welcome all the athletes and participants and to inform them that this Championship’s main purpose is to make the fundamental basis of Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do stronger preserving the original rules and regulations which originated the firsts World Championships and undoubtedly at present time are still standing.

We must remember that in Karate the most important of all is neither winning nor loosing but also to fortify our temper and nature trough the development of techniques and skills capables to defeat an opponent. In this same way the courtesy and respect held in every moment will transform a simple match in a real art and beauty manifestation.

I would like to thank the presence of all the participating countries, trainers, judges, athletes and also to the Organizer Committee and all volunteers for all their invaluable support.

And also, in a very special way, I would like to thank to our Governmental Authorities, sponsoring and Karate-Do professionals whom made possible to realize this Championship with great expectations and with a great sense of work.


Sensei Rogelio Flores Aguilera
Chairman and Chief Instructor
Asociación Shotokan México Japón A.C.
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