6th Dan

Richard Poole was born in Nairobi, Kenya on 25 January 1958. As a child he travelled to Wales where he took up karate in 1974 with the Karate Union of Great Britain.

Whilst training to be a teacher at Cardiff College of Education he was first selected to represent Wales internationally at both kata and kumite. Over a period of 12 years both before and after graduation Richard enjoyed considerable success competing both nationally and internationally for Wales at numerous EAKF, EKU and ESKA championships.

Whilst pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry Richard also took on a number of leadership roles in Karate which included: 

Chairman of the KUGB in Wales (24 years)

Chairman of the Governing Body for Karate in Wales (6 years)

Chairman of the British Karate Federation (6 years).

Manager of the British All Styles Team - top competing nation in the WKF World championships in South Africa 1996.

Member - referee commission of the European Karate-do Association (ESKA) 2008 - to date

Member - referee commission World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) 20013 - to date

President of ESKA 2008 - to date.

President of the WSKA 2009 - to date.

 Richard continues to teach karate at Cambridge University and at other clubs in Wales and England

 During his election address as president of WSKA in 2009 Richard outlined his aims for the organisation. These included the desire for WSKA to continue to develop in order that more National shotokan federations can unite under the banner of a truly democratic organisation. He also expressed the desire that WSKA continue it’s pursuit of ever higher technical standards of traditional shotokan karate and that it’s championships remain a showcase for their high technical standards of karate, the fiercely competitive nature of the matches and the sportsmanship shown between members



7th dan CSKA, AJKA.

John Hanratty has been training and teaching Shotokan Karate for over 40 years.  He is Chief Instructor for CSKA Alberta and National Coach.  He is also Vice President to the national body and delegate to the World Shotokan Karate Association.  For 12 years John was the Provincial Coach for Karate Alberta, the provincially recognized body for Karate. 

 John was Canadian masters Champion 3 consecutive years1989-1991 and in 1995 at age 50 won North American Masters Champion. 1st in Kumite and  2nd in Kata. He was elected 3m coach of the year in 1989 and was nominated for Air Canada Sportsman Award.  He has received a Distinguished Citizen Award from the City of Calgary for services to sport and is an internationally ranked official and a top level NCCP coach.

In Calgary in 1991, with only 8 months to do it, John successfully put together the first World Shotokan Karate Association Championships.  It was a great success with 29 countries competing. John successfully coached the Canadian team to a bronze medal win in kumite and a silver medal in kata, along with many individual medals.  It was a great moment for Shotokan Karate and Alberta.

He successfully coached the Karate Alberta team to a National Karate Association gold medal win in 1992 with every team member coming from his club. They also placed in the top four in consecutive years.

John Has been VP to WSKA since it’s inception.



Is now Roku dan JKA.
Ted was elected as Director of Technical Matters of ESKA at its inauguration in 1986.



Malcolm Dorfman Sensei, 8th Dan, captained the University of the Witwatersrand Judo team in 1966, and thereafter joined the University karate club.
Malcolm Dorfman Sensei is the assistant Chief Instructor for the Karate No Michi World Federation.

He was elected as Regional Director of WSKA in 2001.

Dan Grading Examinations:

  • 8th Dan Karate no Michi in 2000: Highest Dan level ever awarded to a non Japanese by a major official JKA mainline Shotokan organisation.
  • 7th Dan JKA Shotokan (Asai Group) in 1994
  • 6th Dan JKA Shotokan in 1986: Highest Dan level ever awarded to a non Japanese by M. Nakayama Shihan, the late Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association. (Shadan Hojin Nihon Karate Kyokai -- prior to the split).

Personal Karate Sporting Achievements:

  • Springbok: Member of the Springbok team for 9 years, commencing in 1970. Springbok captain in 1978. 
  • Referee: Chief Referee of South Africa for 12 years, commencing 1982. 
  • Coach: National Coach of the first ever Protea team in 1993. 
  • International Championship achievements: Winner of several international titles in a competition career that spanned 27 years (1967 to 1993) 
  • South African Sport Merit Award: 
    • Awarded in 1979 for personal achievements in 1978 
    • Awarded in 1982 for coaching achievements in 1981
  • South African All-Styles Karate: 
    • Founder member of first official non-racial all-styles karate organisation in South Africa (KASA) in 1993 
    • Awarded 8th Dan by KASA for technical contribution to the development of karate in South Africa 
    • Former official Technical Director of all-styles karate in South Africa. 
  • Status in Japan & Worldwide: 
    • Assistant World Chief Instructor of Karatenomichi World Federation. 
    • Member of the Karatenomichi World Federation ‘Saiko-Shihankai’ (Supreme Master Panel) – one of the original three members.
    • Holds the highest rank ever awarded to a non Japanese member of a JKA-Shotokan mainline association
    • Awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class Examiner & A-class Judge by the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in 1994.
    • Re-awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class Examiner & A-class Judge by the Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) on its inception in 1999.
    • Appointed as World Cup Supervisor at the KWF World Cup in 2002-2007
    • Appointed by the World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) as African Continent Director in 2001.


7th Dan

John DiPasquale, the founder and Chief Instructor of Illinois Shotokan Karate Clubs. Mr. DiPasquale is highly regarded in the Martial Arts Community serving in the following positions at the National and International level:

  • President of USA Karate, which is the National Governing Body for Karate in the United States
  • Executive Commitee World Karate Federation
  • Vice President of Pan American Karate Federation
  • Regional Director of North America World Shotokan Karate-Do Association

He was a member of the U.S. Karate Team for eight years and a Coach of the U.S.A. National Team for five years. Mr. DiPasquale won the National Championship four times and the U.S. team trial three times. On a state level, he won the title of State champion eight consecutive years.

Mr. DiPasquale’s first love is teaching others, which in turn has lead to several International, National and State Champions. He is a former faculty member for A.C.E.P. (American Coaches Effectiveness Program).




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7th Dan

Bob Poynton started training in 1965 at the age of 15 at the Liverpool Red Triangle Karate Club.

In 1968 he gained his 1st Dan from Sensei Kanazawa and shortly after, left the Customs and Excise to become a full-time assistant instructor to Sensei Andy Sherry.

He was a member of the Red Triangle Karate club team between 1967 and 1984 and over this 20 year period, the team took the KUGB National Team Kumite title 16 times.  He was KUGB individual Kumite champion in 1976 and won the Shotokan Cup Black belt Championships for three consecutive years in Kumite and for two in Kata.

He was first selected for the KUGB National Squad in 1968 to compete in the EAKF European Championships in Austria. In the 18 years between 1968 and 1985, he represented England and Great Britain as a member of both the KUGB and All-Styles teams, achieving many medals in National and International events in both Kata and Kumite.  He was twice awarded the title of Best Technical Competitor at the European Shotokan Championships. On retiring as a competitor, he qualified as an International Referee and has since been actively involved in the development of ESKA and WSKA competition rules and procedures.

He has been a professional Karate Instructor since 1967 and still teaches at his parent club, the Red Triangle.

His grades from 2nd Dan to 6th Dan were conducted by Sensei Enoeda and he was awarded his 7th Dan in 2004 by the KUGB.

He started to take an active part in administration in 1974 when he was appointed KUGB Club Affiliations Officer, a position he has held ever since. He has been the KUGB Administrator and Finance Officer since 1999 and was General Secretary to Karate England., the last government approved all-styles NGB - National Governing Body.

He played an active part in the Technical structure of the previous NGB, the EKGB from its formation in 1991 and in the role of Chairman of the Technical Committee, drove forward the development of the Instructor Qualification Programme which is still in use in most British Karate Associations today.

He has worked since the early 90’s with colleagues through Government Sports agencies to develop a unified structure for English Karate which will allow it to offer assured standards to participants, parents, local authorities and Sports Centre Managers,




Joachim Donner was born in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. He started Shotokan Karate at the age of 15 years in a small club named “Karateclub Speicher”, one of the original clubs in Rhineland-Palatinate. He is now 2nd Dan. 

He competed in both Kata and Kumite and also participated in the Rhineland-Palatinate league. When he retired from active competition, he became part of the organising team for the Rhineland-Palatinate championships for all age categories and for the international “Krokoyama-Cup”. Joachim worked for more than 10 years as a “table team-member” and also as assistant to the Director of Competition in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2006, he took on the role of Director of Competition. 

During ESKA Championships 2010 in Koblenz, Germany, he worked as assistant for Dirk DeMits and so started his work for ESKA. In 2011, the ESKA Congress elected Joachim as Director of Competition after Dirk DeMits had retired from this position.

In 2015, the Congress of WSKA elected Joachim as Director of Finance and also as Director of Competition.

As a very active member of the Executive Boards of both ESKA and WSKA, Joachim is regarded by his colleagues as a master of logistics. 

DIRECTOR OF Competition



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